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AAT - Associative Awareness Technique

"To touch the surface is to stir the depths" -Deane Juhan


I am a certified AAT Phase 1 practitioner and look forward to sharing this breakthrough treatment with my clients.

What is AAT™?

AAT™ is a 6 step (3 phase) treatment process that addresses the 3 parts of your brain (Triune Brain) that are responsible for maintaining your chronic state of being. You can learn and perform all 6 steps using a simple to follow home program or you can be treated by your AAT™ trained medical professional.  Five of the six steps are self applied and the single step that is not self applied can be taught to a loved one or caregiver.  

Stop treating the symptoms of chronic pain and get to the source...your brain!  Go to this link and learn more about AAT from the co-creators Scott Musgrave, MSPT and Ernie Quinlisk, PT.


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